Your one number to reach everyone that matters

When you only get one phone call
and you have to make it count

Who will you call and do you know their number?

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One number to reach them all

Even if you're among the rare people who still recall phone numbers of their loved ones, what happens when you can only make one single call and you have to make it count?

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Reach multiple contacts at once
as we round through your saved numbers until someone picks up the phone
A single number to remember
instead of many—which makes it easier to get the help you need
Your data is always safe and private
on our secured databases. We will never share it or monetize it. You can learn more in our privacy policy

We always think that these situations won't happen to us
but what would you do when they do?

Your adrenaline is pumping on the beat of the sirens blaring. In the chaos of a medical emergency, 1Lifeline ensures your loved ones are notified swiftly, easing your burden as you focus on what truly matters most: your health and recovery

1Lifeline keeps you safe by keeping your data safe

No Personal Identifiable Information Collected
Rest assured, we only require phone numbers for functionality. We don't collect any personal identifiable information associated with these numbers.
Secured Databases
Your data is our utmost priority. Our databases are fortified with state-of-the-art security measures to ensure the safety and confidentiality of your information.
Strict Data Protection Policy
We value your trust and privacy. Your data is sacred to us, which is why we never, under any circumstances, sell or share it with third parties.
Data Segregation
Your data is yours alone. We uphold strict data segregation policies, ensuring that information remains isolated and never cross-referenced between users.
Transparent Privacy Practices
Transparency is key. We're committed to maintaining open communication and providing full visibility into our privacy practices, ensuring you're always informed and empowered.
Account Security Measures
Your account security is paramount. Whether it's through passwords or secure social logins, we employ robust measures to safeguard your access and protect your information.
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Set it up this morning

It only takes 4 minutes and 27 seconds.
Yes, we timed it.

You only need a few phone numbers
—whether they are your close family or the friends who could rescue you out of a jungle
Get your own custom number
and that's the only one you'll need to remember from now on
Be reassured
in just a few minutes, you've removed one thing to worry about in an emergency

Sharing is caring

You can share your 1Lifeline number with your family and friends too. If they aren't hearing from you, they can reach the same people you would reach out to in an emergency.

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Easy to maintain
and no need to keep your parents and friends updated on who they could (or even should) contact
Easy to share
we can generate images and contact cards to share with whomever you want
Gift 1Lifeline
it's easy to offer a subscription to your friends and family
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More powers coming to your number

We have plans to keep extending 1Lifeline abilities to help you in even more situations and scenarios

Send SMS to your number
and have them relayed to your saved contacts
Your 1Lifeline email address
when phone calls or SMS are impossible but you still can access a computer
Your ideas and needs are always welcome
—send us a message and tell us how we can make 1Lifeline even better for you